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"Dr. Faulkenberry was very friendly and listened carefully to the details of my car wreck to determine my specific course of treatment. She knew exactly what to do and over several weeks achieved positive results. I also appreciated her willingness to work around my schedule and my financial situation. Anyone in Dr. Faulkenberry's care is definitely in good hands. I highly recommend her!"

- Jarin

"Growing up I didn't believe in chiropractic care because I had never seen or felt the healing benefits firsthand. I guess you could have called me a skeptic. That was until I was in a minor car accident in my 20's and my mother-in-law suggested I try her chiropractor to relieve some headache discomfort I was experiencing. Until that moment I didn't realize how bringing the spine into alignment made everything feel better…my head, neck, and lower back. I came to experience how chiropractic care treats the cause and not just the symptom or symptoms of pain or discomfort, and that getting to that root cause was the key to living a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to Dr. Melissa Faulkenberry, the healing benefits of chiropractic care that I discovered many years ago are still afforded to me today. Dr. Faulkenberry's personal approach is very "wellness-oriented," which allows her time to learn your story and the various problems you may have experienced. She has employed that same personal approach with me every time since I was first treated five years ago, and has caused me to feel cared for in the best possible way. Also, her professional one-on-one counseling and expert follow-up care has helped me see why she is a pro when it comes to providing unsurpassed patient care. Without Dr. Faulkenberry's dedicated caring and attention, the active lifestyle I'm accustomed to would be a distant memory!"

- Dale W.

"My parents began seeking chiropractic care for me when I was six years old as a last resort to prevent me from having to undergo a tonsillectomy. To this day I have my tonsils, and a firm belief in the fact that chiropractic care works. Over the years I have needed chiropractic treatments for various reasons, and have been thankful that it has helped me stay healthy.

When I began my treatment with Dr. Faulkenberry due to having been in a car wreck two years ago, she impressed me by paying special attention to the previous injuries I'd received over the years. Her knowledge and skills helped me to avoid being on pain medication for an extended period and unwanted neck or back surgery. Thanks to Dr. Faulkenberry's expertise, I'm enjoying life again!"

- Ronda W.

"I went to a couple chiropractors for a few years and received minor relief, but the pain was always still there. I went to Melissa and I finally felt pain free first time in years!!!! Great pricing too!"

- Stephanie H.


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