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Rehabilitative exercises can improve all joint muscle, neck and back problems and is essential in recovery. There is evidence to suggest that even a small injury may take up to one year to fully heal and to retrain muscles after an injury. Rehabilitative exercise helps reverse this process and decrease the recovery time. At Faulkenberry Chiropractic in Little Rock AR, we customize a plan for each patient depending on their problem.

Goals of rehabilitative exercise In Little Rock AR

  1. To educate patients on the principles of stretching and strengthening, which can help manage pain and accelerate tissue healing.
  2. Restore muscle flexibility, joint mobility and spinal motion.
  3. Strengthen involved muscles to help stabilize the back and prevent recurrence of the problem.
  4. Return the patient to normal activities while creating awareness of proper body mechanics.


Many of our patients come to see Dr. Faulkenberry for specific symptoms such as back or neck pain. When Dr. Faulkenberry addresses each condition with chiropractic care many times it is necessary to "coach" our patients in other areas to help achieve optimal results. Many times there are activities that are in your daily life that you need to avoid or approach differently. Simple changes such as changing the position of your computer screen can make a difference in how your feel. A few proper ergonomic tips include the following:

  • When using the computer your screen should be at eye level.
  • Sit back in the chair and use a lumbar roll for optimal support.
  • When lifting do not use your back use your legs and keep the object close to your body.

Posture - Why is it Important?

There are three natural curves of the spine plus discs to help absorb the shock of everyday life. Many tasks we do throughout life can cause a decrease in the natural curves of the spine, resulting in more stress being placed on the ligaments and joints of the neck and lower back.

Overall bad posture results in more wear and tear on the spine

Postural misalignment can cause pain radiating away from the spine due to a pinched nerve or muscle spasms which can create headaches, neck , or midback pain.

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