Struggling With Sciatica in Little Rock?

our chiropractic clinic helps sciatica pain

If you're looking for a chiropractor in Little Rock to help with sciatica nerve pain or pinched nerve, Faulkenberry Chiropractic can help.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when pain radiates from your lower spine down the back of your leg. The sciatic nerve is the longest widest nerve in the body. It runs from the lower back through the buttocks and down the back of each leg. It generally happens when your sciatic nerve gets compressed or irritated. Sciatica is typically worse when you sit, sneeze or cough. Sciatica symptoms commonly include weakness, numbness, tingling, burning or a pins and needles sensation down the leg.

What causes Sciatica?

Sciatica is usually caused by a “pinched nerve” that affects the lower extremities. Some common conditions that may cause sciatica are as follows: herniated/slipped disc that causes pressure on the nerve, piriformis syndrome, or spinal stenosis.

How is Sciatica diagnosed?

A complete medical history, review of symptoms, and physical exam can help your doctor diagnose sciatica. Some common tests that may be included are orthopedic testing, x-rays or potentially an MRI or CT.

How is Sciatica treated in Little Rock AR?

Sciatica can be treated non-surgically with chiropractic care, and rehabilitative exercises. Chiropractic care helps treat sciatica by restoring spinal movement and decreasing pain along with inflammation. There are several different treatments that are provided by chiropractic care including spinal adjustments, ice/heat, TENS, ultra sound, massage therapy, and even rehabilitation exercises.

How can I prevent Sciatica?

In most cases, sciatica is preventable if you follow certain steps to protect your back. Avoid smoking (promotes disc degeneration), practice proper lifting techniques no matter how heavy the object is (lift with your legs and hips), exercise regularly will help you strengthen your back and core, and also use good posture to relieve stress on your lower back. In some cases sciatica isn’t preventable, such as accidental falls, degenerative disc disease, or even back strain due to pregnancy.

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